The Best 5 Free and Non Free VPN in the UK – Reviewed !

The best VPN in the UK was a difficult list to do. Aside from the best fast free UK VPN, there is also the list on the fast free UK VPN. There were many factors to consider, but zoomed in on a few items, otherwise, the technical jargons will overflow.

Furthermore, VPN’s market has become larger, with rising issues on privacy and security as one of the causes. Hacking news via mobile phones, and IoT are not helping at all. VPN has become a necessity even for non-technical people. For some, it is an essential tool that is needed for day to day operations. The bitcoiners will fall under this category. For others, they just want access to country-restricted information such as television shows or on-demand data. On the other hand, there are countries that restrict any outside communication. Thus, the need for VPN services.

Although the intention of VPN is good, there are others who take advantage of it to do some nasty stuff. So, the way to approach and understand VPN and what you need is to consider these things carefully. Choosing the best VPN for your use will always be subjective, but it helps to have a little help from those who have experienced some vendors. Below is a list of the best VPN in the UK that we have had the chance of experiencing. The list might help you narrow down what you have in mind.

Here are the Best VPN in the UK.

1. Nord VPN

NordVPN is labelled as the best vpn in the UK this year. With 1086 server locations in 61 countries, your privacy and security is at its best. What is probably its best feature is that it is not anywhere near the 14 key countries who have an information sharing policy on privacy and security because it is based in Panama. Born in 2012, it claims to serve more than 1 million all over the world.

Pricing Plans
2 Year Contract = $3.29 or $79* in 24 months
T&Cs: Billed every 24 months, with a 30-day money-back guarantee
*Promotion, price may change without further notice
1 Month Contract = $11.95
T&Cs: Billed every 1 month, 30-day money-back guarantee
1 Year Plan = $5.75 or $69* every 12 months
T&Cs: Billed every 12 months, 30-day money-back guarantee
*Promotion, price may change without further notice
6-Month Plan = $7 or 42* every 6 months
T&Cs: Billed every 6 months, 30-day money-back guarantee
*Promotion, price may change without further notice
There is a free trial tucked away in the FAQs Billings Page.

When using NordVPN, expect no log of your surfing history, and that’s the way we want it. With over 1000 servers worldwide, you have a huge list to select from when you want to stay secure and anonymous. In addition to these, it is super easy to use, so beginners to techies can use it with no learning curve needed.

In case of getting dropped out of the connection, there is an automatic kill switch of applications that you will predetermine. This is very important because VPN services usually take quite from the bandwidth you use, so dropping out suddenly is almost an expected occurrence. When this happens, data that you are working on such as keying in IDs, credit card numbers, or social security is exposed for the world to see. Not so with NordVPN because you have identified applications to be automatically shut down when VPN fails.

But speaking of drops, NordVPN is not “best for Netflix” for nothing! In addition, anonymity nuts would love that it directly connects to the Tor network. And if that is not enough for you, you can always use the double VPN feature with select servers. Speed-wise, it does not affect bandwidth so much as it does with others, although their commitment is 30% loss when using the closest server.
Nord VPN

2. IPVanish

IPVanish is all about security. It cracks down on free VPNs that offer something free but lax in security. IPVanish does not cloak itself with lower fees, instead the company prides itself in providing the best, fastest and most secure VPN services out there. If it is your first time visiting their website, you will automatically think that security is their main focus with pages dedicated to Security protocols and policies.With 700 servers scattered in 60 locations, you still have quite a lot of choices.

Pricing Plans

IPVanish has 3 types of pricing plans:

1 Month Plan = $10
T&Cs: Billed monthly
1 Year Plan = $6.49 per month or $77.99 annually
T&Cs: Billed annually
3-Month Plan = $8.99 per month or $26.99 for 3 months
T&Cs: Billed every 3 months

If your priority is security and anonymity, then IPVanish is the service for you. It is above the average VPN price because of their multiple security protocols. Out of all the VPN services, this one markets itself like a security software, with all the scares of leaks, snooping, stealing, hacking and the lot.
They make a good point when it comes to free VPN, that sometimes have lax security protocols. I would understand if you are into something that breathes security all throughout your job or someone who uses Tor constantly like bitcoiners. But if your goal is to watch Netflix, then you might be better off with a cheaper service, but fast speed performance such as NordVPN.
IPVanish Interface

Nonetheless, VPN services were built to have security in mind, and IPVanish is on the right path to it. Like we mentioned, it will depend on the level of security that you want for the things you do online. If security is top priority, IPVanish fits the bill, but not as one of the best free VPN.

3. PureVPN

PureVPN started in 2006 in HongKong but introduced commercial services after a year. But in a year, they were able to expand to 16 locations from the original 2. Impressive feat for a company that just started offering services in a year. This tells us a few things about their skills and reputation in the industry. With a software for Mac and PC, and moving on to create for Android and IOS as well, PureVPN now has more than 750 servers in 141 countries.

PureVPN countries

Price Plan
1 Month Plan = $10.95 per month
T&Cs: With 7-days money-back guarantee
2-Year Plan = $3.25 per month
T&Cs: With 7-days money-back guarantee
6-Month Plan = $8.95 per month
T&Cs: With 7-days money-back guarantee
During the time of review, PureVPN offers free upgrade when you subscribe today. Also note that some payment options do not offer refunds, so take care to choose.


PureVPN is the best VPN if only they can offer bitcoin payments. Ironically, those who are heavy on security and privacy are those that PureVPN forgot to cater to. But something for users to note is that they do keep a record of connection and bandwidth information to understand traffic flow, as noted on their Privacy Policy. If you are uncomfortable about this, then PureVPN is not for you. Other than that, PureVPN, in terms of performance on different factors ranks high on our list.

Technically speaking, PureVPN is tops. They have all sort of products for the technical experts. For example, they have Wouter, an evolved router that has built-in internet security to anticipate problems on Internet of Things or IoT, parental controls, and high-end cybersecurity. The regular person would love this too! Another example is their Kodi VPN, for the media savvy, Netflix addicts that get annoyed with country restrictions on information and services. PureVPN is here to help us enjoy the shows we love!

Moreover, PureVPN gives you the choice of subscribing to add-ons such as a NAT Firewall for $1.99 per month or DDoS Protection for $2.99 per month. The Chrome Extension comes with the package plus 5 licenses you can spread out across your devices. We used it for PCs, Mac, Android phones.

Pricing is manageable, considering the performance it showed us. We would like to call it as value for money, considering the speed, optional add-ons, and huge network. One of the best VPN in the UK, if you don’t get bothered by not being able to pay in bitcoins.

4. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN started its operations in 2009. Now, with 145 server locations spread across 94 countries, it is also the very 1st VPN provider to host .onion site. In addition to launching their onion site last year, it also made available their app for routers. With this, even video game consoles and smart gadgets can be connected safely. Aside from getting busy with their services, ExpressVPN is also a vocal advocate for internet freedom and advocacy that made them create the Scholarship Program for students that give them a chance to win $5000, as a way to spread awareness.
Price Plans

1 Month Plan = $12.95
T&Cs: Billed $12.95 every month, with a 30-day money-back guarantee
12-Month Plan = $8.32
T&Cs: Billed $99.95* every 12 months, with 30-day money-back guarantee
*Under promotion, might change without prior notice.
6-Month Plan = $9.99
T&Cs: Billed $59.95 every 6 months, with 30-day money-back guaranteePerformance
Some say it is the best offshore VPN, but some say British Virgin Islands is a grey area. Depending on your sensitivity to these conditions, ExpressVPN does its job and simplifies at that. However, price point is a bit on the high side compared to the others on this list. If you don’t mind paying because it’s easy to use, then this one is a good choice.

Other than easy navigation, we like it that there is a special page that coaches you on servers for specific objectives. For example, watching Netflix, which seems to be one of the most requested, has mirrors advised by Support to go to. They will advise you to use a specific server that is good for online streaming, and so forth.

We were slow to install it on our routers, maybe because it comes with a special firmware for devices. But another option is to just buy the router from ExpressVPN.

One thing that is different versus those in this list is their Kill Switch, which kills traffic instead of applications.

If this was not so expensive, we would have paired it with NordVPN. Let’s face it, the industry has a lot of VPN vendors with best free VPN for Netflix, best free VPN for PC or best free VPN for Mac out there that can match services and price (some of it are free even!) of the premium providers, so price is really a heavy factor.

5. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is considered one of the best among the free versions. Free versions are either loaded with ads to subsidise, others have data capping. CyberGhost is one of those that is subsidised by its premium users, or so they say. Founded in Bucharest, Romania, it claims to have 15 million users. It is also one of the companies that highlight the unblocking of Facebook wherever anyone is.Pricing Plan

CyberGhost is absolutely free until you want to upgrade to a paid version. The pricing plans are as follows:

1 Month Plan = $10.99

T&Cs: Billed monthly, with 30-day money-back guarantee

1 Year Plan = $4.99 per month

T&Cs: Billed $59.88* every 12 months, with 30-day money-back guarantee

*Under promotion, price will change without prior notice


Because it is free, it was easier for us to test. After downloading and installing, a dialog box will appear to help you identify what you want to do. It might be to surf anonymously, protect your network, or unblock basic websites. Other activities such as streaming, Torrent downloading, and choosing a server are all under their premium services.

UK CyberGhost Logged In

The problem with free is that you sometimes need to get in the queue to use the service. On our first try, we were unsuccessful as all slots are booked.

CyberGhost Denied Free Slots

We also noticed that there is a log, albeit can be cleared.

CyberGhost interface

At last, success! And just a few minutes of trying again.

CyberGhost Success Surf

We also tried the Internet Protection feature. On our 3rd try, we were able to get a slot for protection.

CyberGhost to LosAngeles

Unblocking certain websites were also easy to do. It has a list of the usual websites that get blocked by certain countries.

CyberGhost Unlock Basic Websites

Our experience with CyberGhost was not as frustrating as we initially thought. The wait time wasn’t that long but it might be different the next day. We are pretty satisfied with what was offered considering it was free. With free services, the only thing that we can complain about is the speed. However, we were connected to its services with just a few tries. Its Internet Protection might be something that should be tested over different circumstances though to see if it works efficiently. Although we live in a country where there is no restriction on information and services, it was good to know that people who live in restrictive countries will be able to use an important service for free. It felt like it is a public service.

Overall, CyberGhost is one of the best free VPN, in addition to being a fast free UK VPN.