Best 5 Teeth Whitening Kits That Actually Works – Reviewed !

The best teeth whitening kits in the UK list is here for better selfie photos. Show those pearly whites! Except you can’t because they’re not pearly whites anymore. They’re tinged with dye and a lot of other stuff.

A good set of teeth makes all the difference in building self-confidence. According to Malcolm Gladwell, good teeth are signs of social status and a better chance at getting a job. This should not come as a surprise, after all, you want an employee who has a positive outlook and exuding with confidence to do their jobs. Confidence plays a huge role in creating a personal brand and good dental hygiene is a parcel of how this happens.

Tainted teeth is just one of the many dental problems. On a more serious note, bad dental hygiene can lead to other hidden health problems such as liver diseases. Dental problems such as stained teeth can be done by dentists or dental hygienists but there are whitening products that can be done at home. Just to caution though to be very discerning of ingredients contained in teeth whitening products. Some may cause sensitivities or are entirely ineffective, hence a waste of good money.

Alternatively, you can check out our list of the best home teeth whitening. On this list are combinations of different types of the best teeth whitening in the UK, depending on what you are comfortable at trying.

Best 5 Teeth Whitening Kits

1. Crest Whiteners Luxe Professional Effects

Perhaps the most famous of the best whitening kit, Crest 3D White Luxe Professional Effects Whitestrips Teeth Whitening Kit claims to remove 14 years of teeth stain. The enamel whitening agent is the same as what dentists use, so it’s safe to say that it’s a professional product. What you do is to mould it to your teeth and it does so without any hassle. Apply it on your teeth once a day and let is stay for 2 hours.
On the kit are 10 individual pouches, so you don’t need to worry about re-packaging it for safety or its effects.Best home teeth whitening 2016 uk Crest insideBest home teeth whitening 2016 uk Crest stripsPrice
Direct with Crest, it retails for $66.99, that’s roughly £51+ but can go low as $41.
Pros and Cons
Crest 3D White Luxe Profession Whitestrips have an advanced seal technology no grip that makes handling the strips easier. Applying something this small and having to mould it on the teeth usually is a clumsy effort. You either mess it up or it sticks to your hand and eventually waste it. But these whitestrips have a grid-like texture that are easy to hold. We think Crest was anticipating messy handling situations so they made it into something that is less of a bother when applying. This makes all the difference because you are actually get to use the product instead of doing a trial and error and just waste half the money you spent on it. These are not cheap. But with a brand name that’s been there for awhile, this is expected. However, the reason why it’s so expensive is that it works really well after using 4 strips in 4 days. You can use this as early as every 4 months or depending on you, you don’t even have to do it again after a year.
The only thing that gripes us is that it’s so expensive for 10 individual packs. However, if you don’t mind paying £50+ every 4 to 6 months, then this works out just fine. This product is worthy to be called one of the best home teeth whitening 2017, but also this year.

2. Activated Charcoal Natural Teeth Whitening Powder by Pro Teeth Whitening Co

The Activated Charcoal Natural Teeth Whitening Powder by Pro Teeth Whitening is a top seller. It probably has something to do with it being natural and are made local, so that makes trusting the brand easier. It is made from coconut shell charcoal with no synthetic stuff such as colours, additives, foaming agents, and artificial flavours. You’d be surprised as well that it has no fluoride, when fluoride is known to be a dental ingredient. This is our first best teeth whitening product in the UK that is charcoal-based.
Just a briefer on charcoal. Charcoal has been used for centuries to treat poison ingestion because of its porous surface that makes it sticky, believing toxins to stick to it. The same theory applies to teeth whitening. Stains, plaque, tannins stick to the charcoal and lift them off when removed. In addition, its Bentonite clay aids in absorption of unwanted stains and heavy metals. The organic peppermint then soothes the gums and said to remove bacteria, and reduce inflammation.
Best teeth whitening kit 2016 ProTeeth jarBest teeth whitening kit 2016 ProTeeth jar ingredients morePrice
This product retails at £19 but you can catch a promotion to save £9 on Amazon.
Pros and Cons
You might be slightly bothered by seeing your teeth turn black when you want it to turn whiter but that is a normal reaction. Also, if you’re okay with some grey splashes here and there on your sink, then this one is for you.
But perhaps the most important question here is the level of whiteness you want your teeth to be after using this product. In addition, we don’t expect whitening products to produce immediate results but we are impressed with results with only a few days of use. With Activated Charcoal, we see results after 5 days of use. It may not be a dramatic difference but noticeable nonetheless.
Another thing to note with whiteners is that you must follow the instructions carefully. With this product, we followed as instructed, so the expectations we built around it have been met.
Next, it has a slightly abrasive texture so if you have sensitivities on your gums, this might not be the best one. You might be better off with those non-contact with gums such as Crest’s. Plus, there are other users who have had problems with enamel being removed, so use with caution.
Nonetheless, we especially liked it that it used natural ingredients. For £19, this is a good deal because of it. A warning though that it tastes weird. So, to conclude, the charcoal-type, specifically the ProTeeth is a crowd favourite, so to speak. It deserves a place as one of the best teeth whitening kits.

3. PROCOAL Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

The PROCOAL Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder comes in a 60ml glass jar. It is also a powder type of whitening similar to Pro Teeth. The thing with powder type whiteners is that they mostly use natural ingredients as opposed to the strips and bleaching kits. This one is also vegan.
Its premium grade charcoal at 5-10 microns is ground to the finest that claims to better absorb unwanted substances such as stains. It does not have any abrasive ingredients such as salt or baking soda, so sensitivities are not an issue.
Best teeth whitening kit 2016 Procoal glassBest teeth whitening kit 2016 Procoal inside
Cheaper than the ProTeeth Activated Charcoal, the PROCOAL at 60ml retails for £8.69 but can go as high as £14.48. If you want to go all natural, you can use it with a bamboo toothbrush.
Pros and Cons
Compared to ProTeeth, the PROCOAL has better packaging with its sustainable glass container. Only the cover and the label is black, so you see a bit of the contents unlike in ProTeeth where everything is black. Although it does not have anything to do with its efficacy, we thought to point out that along with better products should come a better way to protect natural resources. The cosmetics industry has enough flak because of unethical practices and dangerous ingredients, so this one is a plus for us.
Back to its efficacy, we are quite impressed because after only using it once, you notice a slight difference in teeth tinge. You can see a bigger difference as you use it more frequently. Although messy to apply, it does what it claims. Use a different toothbrush for this so it won’t stain your regular one. It helps as well if you dip the brush in instead of applying on your palm or finger to rub it on your teeth.
On the other hand, you will need to brush your teeth thoroughly afterwards because some of it get stuck in between teeth. We had to floss after as well.

4. Briyte ® Teeth Whitening Kit

The Briyte Teeth Whitening Kit comes with three 3ml Briyte Whitening Gels, two mouth trays, one Briyte Mouth LED light, batteries for the LED light, a shade guide, and a user manual. The gels are bleaching gels but Bryte also sells remineralisation gels as an after care that helps fight cavities and restores strength in teeth structure after bleaching.
What you first do is to mould your teeth into the two mouth trays provided. You will need to boil them in hot water, and when it is hot and malleable, you stick it into your mouth and mould your teeth just like how a dentist does it when they make dentures. You do this because when you put the solution on the trays, it creates an exact fit to your teeth to prevent the solution or the tray from grazing your gums. Give it 12 seconds to get it fitted then remove. The next step is to trim it to the exact height of your teeth. Once that is done you can proceed to squirt the solution gel that is in the syringe into the moulded tray. You can squirt in up to 1 ml into the moulder. Then, stick it to your teeth and put on the LED light on your mouth. The tray has a connector to the LED light so it doesn’t fall off and you don’t need to hold it while it does its work.
Now, we didn’t know what the LED light is for so we did some research. LED light in whitening is a bleach-based whitening process. Home kits usually contain a small amount of bleach than what your regular dentist uses. The light then acts as a catalyst to activate carbamide peroxide from the gel.
Leave the light on for 30 to 45 minutes in your mouth for best results.Best teeth whitening uk Briyte productBest teeth whitening uk Briyte LED lightPrice
These are cheap but considering it’s a kit, you might be convinced to shell out for this than the Crest Whitestrips. It retails at £89.99 but can go as low as £20 on Amazon! In addition, this kit is a reusable kit. You only need to buy the gels, and after care remineralisation gels if you run out.
Pros and Cons
Using the Bryte Teeth Whitening Kit is very easy. After the first use, it’s basically just applying the gels and LED lighting process. Easy peasy!
Solution gels are the most important component followed by the lighting. So, just bear the gooey feel of the gels and you’ll have whiter teeth in no time. We like it that it comes with a comparison chart, where you get to see the stages of teeth staining and compare where your teeth stain level is at before using the kit. With this, you can find out if it is working for you or not.
We also love that it’s a reusable kit, where you can use every time you feel like your teeth are getting yellowish again.

5. Whiter Smile Professional Teeth Whitening Strips

The Whiter Smile Professional Teeth Whitening Strips come in 28 strips and an instruction manual. It claims to whiten in just two treatments. Unlike other whitening products, this does not contain peroxide that is harmful to teeth enamel. These are gel strips and are packed individually.
Best teeth whitening uk WhiterSmile strips
The Whiter Smile Whitening Strips costs £39.99 but if you’re lucky, you can get it on a promo for only £20. That’s a lot cheaper than Crest’s WhiteStrips.
Pros and Cons
We couldn’t resist comparing this with Crest because they’re technically the same type. Aside from a lot cheaper, the Whiter Smile Whitening Strips come in more strips at 28 strips than Crest’s 10 strips. In terms of efficacy, we notice a small difference after 4 strips. It leaves some patches after using the strips but you can brush it off after. Also, because it’s a gel strip, the gel residue gets stuck on the teeth making it look patchy.
The downside of this product is that it comes with very little information unlike Crest’s. This does not provide reassurance on when you can use it again or when it’s not supposed to be used because of chemical component. Crest claims to be effective from 4 to a year, so you don’t need to buy very often, although it depends on your preference. With Whiter Smile, it seemed as though you can use it any time you want to and does not say when it lasts for.
So, if you’re not really picky about the medical stuff and you just need a whitening product that works, Whiter Smile Whitening Strips should be okay.