5 of the Best Hair Straightener in the UK

Bad hair day? Not on our watch! The best hair straighteners in the UK are here to transform your hair into the perfect, tame look as it should. We’re not here to judge, but hair straighteners have bailed us out of our bad days to turn it into spectacular ones, whether your hair is curly or straight.

However, if you want to be specific, we have in the list our choice for best hair straightener for frizzy hair which we think a lot of you would be very interested in. In some cases, you will be looking for best straighteners for curly hair, to which we have also obliged. But in instances where you just want change, we heard you, we have every kind for every dilemma you might have about your hair.

Whether tourmaline or best ceramic straighteners, it would really depend on what you think your hair needs. In addition to that, there are instances when it’s not just hair straighteners and curlers. It could also because it fits your lifestyle, whether you travel a lot or the mom at home.

A hair straightener is an essential, value for money, trusty companion for the well-prepared lady. It gives women the confidence boost when things aren’t peachy and the wind is just messing up what you’ve worked hard for—that is, your hairdo.

These are hair straighteners best in the industry right now. These might not be hair straighteners and curlers in one but standalone sets, but you can certainly use it for both type of styling. Hair straighteners for thick hair is one of the most challenging sets to find, but you’ll be happy to know that there is one in here.

1. GHD platinum+ styler

ghd platinum+styler

Ghd is an acronym for “great hair day”. It’s quite apt because ghd means business and we mean hair business! Last year, they won the Allure Beauty Expert award for Best of Beauty which says a lot in an industry where beauty is in the eye of every beholder of a beauty product. This ghd hair straightener is the top of the line among beauty hair care.

Notable Features

  • Ultra-zone with predictive technology
  • floating plates with a high spec gloss finish
  • Heat resistant protective plate guard
  • Automatic sleep mode to switch your styler off after 30 minutes of non-use
  • 365ºF temperature for optimum styling
  • 3 years manufacturer’s guarantee

Beauty Satisfaction Rating

We are liking the Ultra-zone Predictive Technology of one of the hair straighteners from ghd. What this does is that heat is distributed across evenly. But what’s really amazing about this is that the heat adjusts to the need of your hair, section per section! With this, we said goodbye to overheating and destroying hair strands that occurs when we use hair straighteners frequently. This has been the problem with hair straighteners, destroying hair or in some cases, burning, so we are extremely pleased that ghd has found a way to minimize if not to prevent this. Sometimes, hair becomes impossible and it has a life on its own, so a hair straightener brush is always a must-have for the conscious girl in us. It heats up fast, so a quick fix is always possible. It glides smoothly and straightens fast, leaving our hair smooth and silky.

However, the Platinum styler isn’t just for those who wanted straight hair. It works wonderfully well in between hair styles—straight to curly, soft waves. If you’re one to go for different hairstyles, this one’s for you because it works just as well, so it can also be a hair straightener and curlers set. It might be because the grip on your hands is better than an older model, so styling wasn’t hard. The plates are an inch wide, so it makes good navigation along with its body that has a good grip and fit in our hands.


We like it, we really do, but the added cost to an older model isn’t making us too happy.


This cost us £175 on Amazon with free shipping in the UK.

2. GHD Original IV Professional Styler

ghd original

While this is an older model of ghd, in fact the model that started it all with ghd hair straighteners for fine hair. Will this model stack up to newer models? We’ll find out. Given our experience with ghd, we won’t be surprised if it turns out great as the other on this list. Let’s find out. Notable features:

  • Original ceramic heat technology
  • Optimum styling temperature of 185°C
  • Floating plates
  • Round barrel
  • Automatic sleep mode: switches off if not used for 30 minutes.
  • 30 second heat up time: for quick and easy styling
  • 2 years manufacturer’s guarantee

Beauty Satisfaction

This did not disappoint. Honestly, from now on we will not doubt ghd. When we started using the Original Styler, we waited as instructed for 30 seconds to heat up. Once warm up was out of the way, we started with our initial goal—to remove the frizzy problem in our hair. We planned to just use it in just the frizzy part but you could clearly see the difference in the hair smoothness and silkiness that we had to do the whole hair instead.

Our next step would be to use it as a curler. We know, don’t be confused, stylers like these can also be used to put some waves on your hair, just so we have variety. Again, we didn’t have any problems turning a straight hair into this sexy, curly locks so this could easily win an award for hair straighteners for curling.

Our 3rd style would be to use it as a, well a styler. From straight to curly and even to the subtle waves, the original styler has remained a trusty companion wherever you need some prepping to just about anywhere. Daughter’s prom? No problem. Quick night out? Do some subtle waves. Black tie, black dress event? You got this. That’s how versatile the ghd Original IV Styler can be. It can be a hair straightener for long hair or a hair straightener for curly hair as well.

Other than styling, the automatic sleep is also a plus. When you’re in a hurry, you’ll sometimes forget about your appliances. Good thing the automatic function is default. This is not to say you should forget to turn off any of your appliances, including your styler.

If we are to choose, this is the ghd that is the best hair straightener for African hair because of that versatility.


Compared to the ghd Platinum+ Styler, this was a little heavier. When you’ve been styling for a while, you’re going to feel the weight and you will have to stop to rest. In addition to that, the body of the Original Styler, even with its round barrel made it a little harder to style, especially when you want curls. With the Platinum+ Styler, the grip just moulds into your hand better. This is due to the design of the Platinum+ Styler being more updated. If you compare the design side by side, there is clearly a difference in the body. While the Original Styler IV is traditional, the Platinum+ Styler has moved on to adjust to users’ needs for more frequent styling.


This cost us £99 on Amazon and comes with free delivery in the UK.

3. Remington Ceramic Straight 230 Hair Straightener


Remington isn’t just for women. They have a range of grooming products for men. Worldwide, it’s one of the best in personal care whether for women or men. But will their Remington Ceramic Straight 230 Hair Straightener be exceptional? More of this.

Notable Features

  • Anti-static, ceramic, tourmaline ionic and smooth glide coated plates
  • Temperature of 150-230 degrees Celsius with a 30 setting variable wheel
  • 15 seconds heat time
  • 10 mm longer length floating plates
  • Includes worldwide voltage
  • Automatic safety shut off in 60 minutes.

Beauty Satisfaction

The Remington Ceramic Straight 230 Hair Straightener is one of the best ceramic straighteners out in the market. For hair straighteners sale, this one is the one to look for. Whether you want it for straightening or curling, you can do so without having to worry about having a bad hair day. We think this fits the choice for hair straighteners for short hair because of its slim design. However, it does not have that silky feeling for longer hair styles. If you’re overly conscious about that, then this one isn’t for you.

But then, this little appliance has more to offer. The dual voltage allowed us to go anywhere, so using it won’t be any problem. Also, it heats up faster and reaches 230 degrees Celsius than the ghds, so quick is an understatement. If all you need is a nippy retouch of hairdo, then this one is perfect.

All in all, the Remington is a reliable companion to any hurried and not harried fixing of bad hair days. On the other hand, we would also choose this for best straightener for frizzy hair. Because it the frizzy part is not the whole hair only sections, then this will be helpful because it is thin. But fixing might be too often, too soon because it does not get as silky as we wanted it to. It could be the hair products we are using, but it might not be as well. In addition, the slim built can also be an advantage when you want a hair straightener that curls as well. Subtle curls are wonderful with the Remington.

But the advantage of this beauty must-have is that it does what you need it to do faster according to how you want it and it costs much less than the ghds and the price difference is huge!


We have a few things we’re not so happy about with the Remington.

One is that you need to squeeze them hard so the plates meet and locks your hair before you can glide it down. And when you glide it down, strands get stuck on the sides of the plates pulling it. This is common in straighteners that are not too angular on the edges.

Another one is that it gets too hot when it is on for a while that we can’t even hold it anymore. This is probably because the heat gets up to 230°C fast and stays that way unless you adjust the dial. However, the tendency when styling is that you don’t readjust the heat often and leave it at that until you are done. If you’re not a professional, you most likely will not know what the optimal heat would be. The dial doesn’t really help much if you’re not familiar with optimal heat.

Lastly, it’s a regular size if not longer, so it’s not going to fit perfectly in your hand bag.


The Remington Ceramic Straight 230c cost us £17.99. No delivery in the UK from Amazon if it’s under £20.

4. BaByliss Pro 235 Elegance Straightener


Babyliss gives us the 80s vibe. From the colour to their website, it’s just funky and new wave all over again. Babyliss has quite a different take on straighteners and curlers. Hair straighteners Babyliss are in a way unique in its own way, one of which is their design on some of their products.

Notable Features

  • Up to 235°C salon temperature performance
  • Ceramics heating system, ready to use in 15 seconds
  • Three temperature settings: 180°C, 200°C and 235°C
  • It is 25% longer nano-ceramic plates
  • Multi-voltage for anywhere use. Longer plates for fast styling
  • Ionic technology for a frizz-free finish

Beauty Satisfaction

These are fabulous! Sleek, smooth, shiny in 5 minutes and that’s saying a lot considering we used it on someone with thick hair. We used the highest heat for thick hair, so we were at 235°C. It was hot but necessary for such thick and frizzy hair. We were very happy with the results and so was our model.

On the other hand, we also used this on one with shorter and thinner hair. The 235°C will be too hot, so we decided to go for the lowest at 180°C. Similarly to the thick hair, the hair felt like it was done in a salon and in a short span of time.

Additionally, we assumed we can use Babyliss with damp hair because of its ionic technology that helps dry hair faster without breaking your hair. This is really convenient especially in the morning when you just got out of the shower and you don’t have much time to style your hair. We did a quick dry of the hair blower then went on to use the Babylisss. The effect is a silky, smooth, shiny hair in less time.

Aside from the appliance itself, we especially like the heat mat that it came with, so you don’t burn anything or it does not slide from your dresser when using it. This emits such girl power with the colour. Ours came with the shiny violet colour and satin pouch. This makes taking it everywhere easier.


At times the Babyliss can be inconsistent. It becomes too hot but other times it doesn’t get too hot. We think it will take getting used to when you’re not aware of the 3 temperature dial.


For a good performance, it cost us £32.99 with free delivery in the UK. Be sure to check out delivery details before clicking the cart.

5. Cloud Nine The Touch Hair Straightener

Cloud Nine

Notable Features

  • Completely automatic iron offering INSTANT heat – The touch begins working from the first stroke with no on/off switch
  • The innovative temperature control feature allows you to choose from two different temperatures – 165°C and 195°C
  • Anions (negative ions)* – these helpful molecules lock-in moisture, seal the cuticle layer and minimise damage to your hair’s natural structure
  • Includes Embroidered Heat Resistant Luxury Carry Case & Protective Heat Guard. For a lower temperature, suited to finer hair or softer styles, quickly touch the plates together three times to switch to 165°C. Perfect for all hair-types. This button-less iron heats instantly from the very first stroke, totally eliminating the heat up time

Beauty Satisfaction

This is so luxurious! From the packaging to the effects, it might indeed be the Ferrari of the Haircare World! Yes, we’re gushing over Cloud Nine’s The Touch. Even the name feels lavish. When everyone swears by ghds, this one is definitely at par with it, if not better.

We took this to a test and chose a curly-haired, thick-haired model to test it on. This is for th


Nothing! We absolutely fell in love with the The Touch! Yes, it is still a bit on the high end, but comparing it to ghds, these are less expensive with the same performance. This is one of the hair straighteners as good as ghd.


This cost us £116.80 on Amazon with free delivery in the UK, but like always, check delivery details.