The Best CBD Oils in the UK – For Pain, Anxiety and Other Physical and Psychological Issues – Including Vaping Options

CBD oil in the UK is all the rage these days. Suddenly, the world realizes it has had too much of chemicals. So, the word turns to natural remedies that proves to be even more potent when it comes to what these can do, whether it be in maladies or a household staple, the cbd oil benefits keep piling up, thus the birth of the best cbd oil in the market. There are some discussions on what the best are, in fact you only have to view the best cbd oil uk reddit to find out who’s who in the market, but in this list, we try to be another source of opinion.

From a banned substance to a list of best cbd oil, CBD oil indeed has come a long way. From being the best cbd oil for cancer to claims between cbd oil and MS, there even has only time and research can prove this. CBD oil is short for cannabinoid oil. Just so we are on the same page, let’ take a brief look at what this phenomena is and how there is now a proliferation of cbd oil shop.

What is CBD Oil Exactly?

CBD oil is taken from the Cannabis sativa plant. This is where the confusion and misconceptions start. Before anything else, it is important to determine where the product came from as well as differentiate it from another.

Hemp and marijuana both came from the Cannabis Sativa plant. While coming from the same plant, they are very different. Marijuana contains the THC component. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the component that gives a “high” associated with marijuana. The “high” that we are talking about is an effect that is called psychoactive where the central nervous system is affected and alters brain function to give temporary changes in mood, perception and behaviour. This has many uses as well from medication to relaxation. This came from the Marijuana plant.

The CBD is a compound of the cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, more specifically from the Hemp plant. When infused in oil, this is now what we know as the CBD oil. But unlike THC, CBD is not a psychoactive component. It does not give anyone that “high” that is in the THC. However, it does have effects on the body.

Do I Need Prescription for CBD Oil

While CBD oil might now seem mainstream, a word of caution to our readers. There are those who claim that there is pure CBD when it is actually THC. In addition, CBD oil is regulated in the UK. Only licensed shops can sell CBD oil so you need to watch out for counterfeit.

With good reason because CBD oil usually has a counter reaction with prescription drugs. An example is cbd oil and sertraline. But per UK ruling, a cbd oil store cannot post any claims on cures. Take for example, cbd oil and blood pressure. Although there are testimonies from sites, you need to take it cautiously. There are still few researches to make it mainstream, so before going on a cbd oil buying in the UK, make sure you understand the possibilities.

In a ruling, specialists can now prescribe CBD and THC in varying amounts depending on what you need it for. GPs cannot prescribe it, so let’s make that clear. So, before buying anything, it is best to consult your doctors about this.

1. Provacan CBD Oil. The best cbd oil for pain.


We are sure that when you’ve been searching for CBD Oil, this name is on top of everyone’s list. Provacan is a name that has been made synonymous to the alternative phenomena that is CBD Oil. Developed by Israeili biotech CiiTECH, its manufacturer has added to its authority as a legitimate product amidst growing counterfeits.

We looked into CiiTECH and Provacan’s association of Provacan is significant because there will be a lot of fake tinctures that can harm rather than help. CiiTECH, aside from its partnership with academics and research institutions, its focus on cannabinoid is one that we have not seen in other pharmaceutical companies.


Provcan CBD oil drops is good for a lot of things, but if we are to choose its most significant effect in our experience, it would be the cbd oil for pain. Tried it on arthritic pain and has done wonders getting the irritating pain gone. Because we are beginners, we started with the minimum advised dose, 1 drop under the tongue for absorption. But prior to that we tested it on another of our teammate to make sure there are no adverse effects. Fortunately, we have not experienced any negative effects. And we were sure to use the minimum dosage for a week.

In some instances, the effect was immediate but there second trial took us 6 to 7 drops, 1 per day for the desired outcome to kick in. Overall, we were happy that the pain is gone for the duration that we were using Provacan. In addition, these days the pain seems to have lessened, so we are particularly happy with how things are. At this rate, we don’t think we would change the dosage because the effect is there are the minimum dose.


Provacan has a good reputation when it comes to regulating tincture. We chose to buy the 300mg bottle that’s good for 200 drops give or take. It has 1.5mg cbd oil concentration per drop. In addition, Provocan is of the full spectrum, so the best of all the worlds, so to speak.


In Amazon, it is currently unavailable and stocking is unknown. One can try the Provacan shop.


Provacan direct sells the 300mg for £24.99.

2. Love Hemp

love hemp

Love Hemp is wholly UK. A rising star is how we call it, Love Hemp is proving to be one of the legit representatives of the rise of CBD oil and Hemp in general. We’ve always been conscious of brand names and Love Hemp helps to spread the goodness that is Hemp. And in this case, helps to make it mainstream, from their name, brand and to the products they offer, Love Hemp wants to merge into our lives, with wonderful effects, of course.


We used Love Hemp to see if it can do something about anxiety. We followed the recommended dose of 6-12 drops two to three times a day. The first time we used it had a really good effect. And by good we mean we are calmer, there seems to be less worrying that crowds the mind when feeling anxious. In the past when there are events that cause our nervousness, stick by stick of cigarette would be the answer. But with Love Hemp, the usually speeding of heat beat because one is nervous is gone. The focus is also there where it is usually scattered is also gone. Thus, if you are anxious, Love Hemp is a good choice for cbd oil for anxiety.  

In addition to the CBD oil, we also bought the Chocolate Bites infused with CBD. If you want to mask the taste, then get this because it tastes really good.


We bought the peppermint flavored 800 mg with 8% CBD oil simply because we thought the natural green tint of the tincture would have tasted like grass if there weren’t any flavours in it.


It is not available in their website but you will be redirected to probably their shop called The bites, along with other edibles are available there.


In the, the 800mg 8% CBD oil is sold at £49.99 plus the clear glass, 1 ml droppers at £1.99. The Chocolate Bites cost £14.99 for 100mg with 200mg of CBD in it.

3. Hempura CBD


Hempura is definitely a brand that you can see as a legitimate manufacturer. Being a Cannabis Trades Association UK. For everyone’s information on why this is significant, the CTA UK ensures that its members make good on any of their claims including what is in their products. So, if a member says it has 1.5g of CBD oil in every drop, then it better be true otherwise, it faces sanctions. In addition, CTA UK won’t just take your word on the contents, it sees to it that products are tested. This is why Hempura, to our mind is worth the effort to look into.


We were curious about Hempura’s vape and we were not disappointed that it turned out to be one of the best cbd vape oil in UK. First, the citrus flavour was a good balance to the hemp or plant taste, but just enough not to be overpowering. We find that this combination make the vaping experience better. In addition, they also have recommendations on the best cbd pen in the UK.

However, if we’re talking about CBD oil, although Hempuran is one of the best cbd vape, we think the oil itself is better than the vape liquid . We felt it was more potent than vaping. Our initial puffs were not enough to do much, but continued use would. Traditional smokers would most definitely prefer this if the tendency to puff is there. In a way, it helps in anxiety.

Other than anxiety, we also used the cbd oil on a headache we’ve had and was quite happy how it took away the nagging pain.  


Hempura both sell full spectrum and broad spectrum, catering to both preferences of the market. But the best cbd vape juice is only in broad spectrum which means absolutely no THC content. It comes in citrus terpenes which gives it a really “natural” flavour.


Everything is available in the Hempura website but in other shops as well.


The vape liquid 500 mg or 10 ml with 2.5 mg per drop is at £36.99.

The CBD oil 250 mg with 1.25 mg CBD per drop full spectrum raw is at £19.99, 500 mg with 2.5 mg CBD per drop is at £36.99 and the 1000 mg with 5 mg CBD per drop is at £64.99.

4. CBD Life UK

cbd life

CBD Life UK is one of the best out there. Also a member of the Cannabis Trades Association, this proves that CBD Life aims to be as transparent in their products in an industry that is easily abused.  


We tried the spray, aqua drops and the balm. First the spray because it was the most common among the three. It was fast-acting, probably because of the 5mg dose per spray. If you want immediate relief from nagging anxiety and insomnia, then this would be the best if you want to rest. However, just a warning that it does not taste good and the taste is permeating. If you don’t like the flavour too, wash it down with water.

We also tested with the aqua drops because the taste of the spray just didn’t sit well with us. We needed something to mix it with to at least mask the taste. We mixed it with some fresh orange juice. We didn’t entirely want to mask the taste because to us it’s proof that it’s still there and didn’t lose its potency. Effect is less obvious as that of the spray. Probably because the spray had more CBD in it per mg.

Lastly, we used the balm because why not. When you’re a lady conscious of your skin, then this is a luxury. Especially with skin problems, it also helps the skin because it is topical. Effect is wonderful especially after a good bath. It enhances the relaxed state that you want to be in after application.


The available size is in 400mg CBD per 10ml in two ways: spray and “aqua drops”. Some do not like the spray, given that you still have to do it sublingual and it tends to scatter instead of drops like regular droppers, so others would prefer the aqua drops that you can mix with anything to mask the “earthy” taste. There is 5mg per spray and 1mg per drop. It is a full spectrum CBD oil.

The topical tub also contain other ingredients such as vitamin E, lavender essential oil, beeswax and the like. It is produced mainly to take care of the skin as well.


It is available in CBD Life UK site along with a variety of other CBD products.


The CBD oil 400 mg is at £24.95 in the CBD Life UK shop, aqua drops is much more expensive at £39.95 and the balm is at £19.95 in an 30ml tub with a total of 100 mg of CBD oil in it.

5. Love CBD

love cbd

Love CBD operates out in Suffolk and has been in business since 2014. So you shouldn’t be surprised that it is also one of the founding members of Cannabis Trades Association UK, where it regulates distribution and ensures proper compliance on legalities in the UK. You can’t miss the sign that this is overall a legitimate and pioneers of the industry in the UK.


To test, we opted to get the Dutch CBD Oil. At first we wondered what the Dutch is all about. Finally found out that the plans come from Holland that do not use any forms of pesticides that harm the plants or the environment. The taste isn’t so amazing but tolerable.

After a few uses, it has helped with chronic back pain that might be due to our weight or muscle spasms. It prevents us from doing any continuous work, even house work. But with with the use of Love CBD Oil, the pain is gone and hopes it stays that way. In addition to that, we seem to have noticed better bowel movement. We’re not going to lie, we don’t go on a daily basis, simply because we don’t feel the urge. But since taking Love CBD, we have managed to establish a “schedule” with the loo.

Just a note though that Love CBD recommends that it be taken with food.


Love CBD emphasises entourage effect in that it has taken its whole range of ingredients to amplify health effects. The 20 ml bottle spray has 300mg + CBDa CBD oil, that is 2.4 mg of CBD oil per spray.


The Dutch Spray is available at the Love CBD shop. We normally want to purchase only at manufacturer’s site except when the company directs us to a distributor.


The 300 mg CBD oil sells for £18.99. However, if you want to try other forms, Love CBD has capsules, balm and e-liquid too.