The Best 5 Card Readers – UK Credit and Debit Cards Point of Sell Terminals Reviewed!

Credit and Debit card readers are one of the most simple and fast solutions for small business who wish to charge payments from their customers, while on the go using only your iPhone and a small Contactless card reader. The advantages of iPhone debit and credit card readers are the fact that they are completely mobile- they are Contactless – all you need is just an intent connection and the card reader. The iPhone card readers that we will review on this Best iPhone card readers review can read any debit or credit card – whether the credit card comes with chip security, or with pin security. According to the UK card association, in 2017 there are about 108.4 million credit and debit cards in the UK, with an increase of about 121.9% of Contactless transactions from last year and about 9.36 GBP payment per transaction. From this specific data, it is clear that people in the UK choose to use credit and debit cards, and they like to do it Contactless. The iPhone card readers are a great solution for the people needs – fast transactions, no need to wait or even get up to your seat. The card readers we review are always posh looking- nice and high-tech style to them, and the fees are different between each card readers reviewed here. So with no further adieu, here are the best card readers.

Top 5 UK Credit and Debit Card Readers

1. PayPal Here Card Reader

Paypal Here card reader is working with iPhone, iPad or your Android device. You will need to install the Paypal here app and you are good to go! Obviously you will need 3G or Wifi internet connection. Signing up for PayPal Here is pretty simple – You just need to: A. sign up for PayPal account (if you already have one you can use it, but if you are working in a business, maybe its better to just use the business PayPal account). B. Download the PayPal Here App  – iPhone app, Android app. C. Order your PayPal here iPhone card reader. You can either do it online through this page, or you can do it directly through the PayPal Here app (go to: menu—> card readers—-> Order new reader). PayPal Here fees: At the time of this card reader review there are NO monthly or any fixed fees. The only fees start from 2.75% per transaction down to 1.75% – depending on your total sales and transactions.

As you can see the Interchange fees vary from 0.2% to 2.0%. The actual card reader will cost you £75, and the time delivery of the card reader is 2-3 days and the nice thing about it is the fact that you return it after 30 days free! You will get 1 year warranty for the card reader. This is the PayPal Here community forum

2. iZettle Credit card Reader

iZettle is another stylish and high tech looking credit and debit card reader. It comes with “Point of sell” or POS app. iZettle comes with 2 different packages: the Basic and the “Plus”. The Basic package is free monthly and 1.95% transaction fee. The “Plus”package will cost you 20GBP per month + VAT, and 1.5% transaction fee (0.045% less then the Basic package). You will also get premium support with the Plus package. One of the things iZettle are proud of is the next day deposits – no matter which specific card was processed. The iZettle card reader will cost you £29 + VAT, and i must say, its looking good:
izettle Card ReaderIn order to use iZettle you will need to download the app: IOS App (iPhone and apple products) or Android App. After you ordered your iZettle card reader, wait for 1-2 working days, then you will need to connect it to the app, whether it iphone or android app and you are good to go! iZettle also have Pro Contactless card reader and Lite reader. Here are the Android devices that will work with iZettle (taken from this page).

3. Square Card Reader

Square Card Reader is stylish and nice designed card reader, poket size, working with Square app (will add links to the apps in this card reader review) and is working with most of the debit and credit cards out there- contactless or with chip / pin technology and even working with mobile devices (if you wish to pay with your mobile device, you can). Square fees are straight forward: if you buy the Square reader without a doc, it will cost you £39.00 + VAT, if you are adding a doc, you will pay £19.00 more. According to Square website, you will pay 1.75% per each transaction for Visa, MasterCard and AMEX credit or debit cards – No monthly fees. They promises that if you process 100gbp the will deposit £98.25 deposited into your bank as fast as the next business day. The delivery of the Square is free of charge. You can manage multiple users on your devices – making it simple for you to manage payments and employees.

4. ACR122

Our number 4 on this credit and debit cards readers is the ACR122 is a light wight reader, reading Chip, Pin and contactless debit and credit cards. The ACR122 price is 29.85GBP for one unite, 26.87GBP for 10 unites (i am talking price per unit and before VAT). The fees of the ACR122 are not mentioned on the website.

5. SumUp Air

The SumUp Air is a great looking credit and debit card reader, the SumUp Air terminal will read Contactless (NFC), Chip, Pin and even magnetic stripe. SumUp app is compatible with IOS and Android devices. The SumUp point of sell will cost you £29 valid for one account per card reader. You have 30 days money back guaranty, so if you are not happy, just return your SumUp Air card reader and the money is back to your pocket.

The SumUp delivery time is 4-5 days. SumUp fees: no monthly payments, you are paying 1.95% per transaction for any card. Simple! The card reader is coming with 1 year warranty.